Composite Bonding

Composite Tooth BondingComposite tooth bonding is a common solution that Edmond cosmetic dentists use to fix or repair cracked or chipped teeth. It is also used to reduce the look of unsightly gaps that may appear between teeth, either naturally or that appear overtime as teeth move. What’s more, composite bonding can be used to help hide the look of discoloration on teeth or brighten areas of the tooth’s surface that has become faded over time. It’s a highly practical and economical solution that is widely used in dental offices around the world.

What is Composite Bonding Made From?

Composite bonding is made from a highly flexible material or combination of materials. As the name indicates, “composite” means it is a “made up of different parts” to create a newer, more useful product. Composite bonding is often made from plastic or resins that are easy to adhere to the tooth’s surface.

What are the Benefits of Composite Tooth Bonding?

There are many benefits to using composite bonding to repair a patient’s teeth. First, the bonding can be made to match the existing color of the patient’s teeth so the new repair will be virtually undetectable when the treatment is complete. Composite materials are affordable and an economical choice for patients who don’t want or need to spend more money to get a great looking result.

Next, composite materials are highly malleable and easy to work with. Edmond OK dentist, Dr. Lembke can shape the composite to match your existing teeth to create a great result that leaves you showing off your smile instead of hiding from it.

Finally, composite bonding requires very little reduction of the existing teeth to adhere the bonding in place. For some other more invasive treatments, the tooth being treated needs to be reduced in size in preparation for receiving the appliance or restoration.

What is Involved with Composite Bonding Treatments?

In most cases, we can repair a cracked or chipped tooth in just one visit. Composite bonding resins come in a variety of shades so we can match your existing teeth in no time at all. Once the composite material has been matched and set, you’ll be free to carry on with your day as normal. Over time, the composite material may start to wear away, and we can replace or repair the bonding or suggest a more permanent solution if you wish to pursue such an option at that time.

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