Night Guards / Bite Appliance Therapy

Bite Appliance TherapyBite appliances refer to night guards or splints, which are used to prevent a number of issues while a person sleeps. If you are suffering from ongoing headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, or if you have been told you grind your teeth while you sleep (bruxism), you may be a good candidate for a bite appliance or night guards. We provide patients with many options to stop pain, discomfort, and damage from occurring to their teeth while they sleep.

What are the Benefits of Bite Appliance Therapy?

Besides relieving pain in your shoulders, neck, jaw, face, or gums, bite appliances can also help prevent the breaking or cracking of teeth.

Bite appliances can save you from the discomfort associated with these symptoms. They can also save you from having to repair or replace your teeth.

What’s more, bite appliances such as night guards, can help improve the alignment in your bite, reduce swelling in the Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), and reduce muscle fatigue from clenching or grinding of teeth.

We Offer Bite Appliance Therapy in Edmond, Oklahoma

At our office in Edmond, OK we help patients overcome pain and discomfort related to grinding teeth and clenching jaws with night guards. We use custom-fitted appliances that you can wear while you sleep to protect teeth from the damage done in your sleep.

We start by taking impressions of your teeth and our lab will create a night guard that is just for you. You’ll be amazed at how well it fits over your existing teeth.

Night guards act as a cushion between your teeth to stop them from coming in contact with each other. This prevents further damage from happening. Wearing a bite appliance does take a bit of getting used to, but for most patients, the adjustment period is a couple weeks at most.

How Often Do You Have to Wear a Bite Appliance?

We will recommend a wearing schedule for you as part of our treatment process, but most people need to wear their bite appliance each night to prevent further damage from occurring. The more you wear it, the less likely you are to be impacted by long-term damage to your teeth, jaw, neck, and more. They are easy to clean and should be stored in a safe place when not in use.

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